Like Minds Shared Office Space

Shared Office Space in Minneapolis

LIKEMINDS Shared Office Space is in the heart of Uptown, close to restaurants, night life, lakes, the greenway, YWCA, and the Uptown Transit Station.

We invite you to tour our facilities:

Terry Grubbs Administrator
2909 Hennepin Avenue South, Suite 200
Minneapolis, MN 55408
507-259-0664 WIRELESS | 612-354-7048 OFFICE

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Carling Hotel Uptown Minneapolis Minneapolis was established 1856. The city expanded south in the 1880s with housing construction booming through the 1920s. This brought a commercial district starting east of the Lakes Area. The Lagoon Theater was rebuilt and rebranded The Uptown Theater in 1939.

The Carling Cafeteria opened Dec. 2, 1925 and the Carling Hotel, 1964. Today, the Williams Building (formerly the Carling Hotel) houses Williams Pub & Peanut Bar and LikeMINDS Shared Office Space.

Hennepin Avenue has flourished as a commercial corridor from downtown to private homes in Uptown for over ninety years.

What Our Clients Say:

"I have been using the LIKEMINDS Shared Office Space since April of 2017. I highly recommend this to any business person looking for a great business location in Uptown at a great price.

Every time I have clients visit for meetings, the feedback is 'this space is awesome' as it is very welcoming. I have also used the space to host monthly meetings with associates. The space is convenient for those looking for a place to grow their business in a professional atmosphere."

Dan Bauman
World Wide Expense Reduction Advisors